Kamor Logistics LTD is a company fully owned by Kamor Shipping and Tankers Services LTD. The Company specializes in logistic services for importers and exporters and provides a One-Stop-Shop package of services for those operating in international trade and all along the supply chain.

The company offers a package of services to importers and exporters by sea and air, customs and logistics, and specializes in heavy logistics projects. In the recent years, Kamor Logistics is deeply involved in infrastructure projects of national scale in Israel, serving foreign manufacturers and construction companies involved locally in the multifaceted project of the new Tel Aviv region Light Railway System.

Kamor Logistic Ltd combines advanced technology with maximum investment in human resources. Kamor Logistic Ltd is known for its stability and financial strength through responsible management characterized by the strictest allocation of credit, division of resources, maintenance of equity and continual development.

Kamor’s skilled, long-serving employees contribute greatly to the stability of Kamor Logistic Ltd.

Kamor Logistics operates in the international freight forwarding and logistics realm, working closely and successfully with such global players as ‘Sinotrans’ and ‘UTC Overseas’ as their local agent and their preferred Israeli service provider.

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Light Rail TLV

Light Rail cars delivery
Tunnel Quarrying

Providing a full door-to-door solution to CRTG, a Chinese construction company building the ‘Red-Line’ of the new Tel-Aviv Light Railway System. The project includes land transport in China from production plants to sea-ports, ocean carriage, discharge-port handling and land transportation between Ashdod Port and the construction site in Tel-Aviv of numerous odd-sized and heavy items, all parts and accessories of 6 Tunnel Boring Machines, especially manufactured in China for the mentioned project.  This project is handled together with our Chinese partners – Sinotrans Logistics, for whom we act as designated agents in Israel.

Track Laying
Delivering high voltage cable drums

Kamor Logistics is successfully serving the Israeli Electricity Company delivering lots of high voltage cable drums. These arrive in Israel in shipments of 12 to 15 high-value drums to be delivered for the project.

The special high voltage cables are to be laid underground in a new electricity line crossing the Israeli Negev Desert through a scenic nature reserve.

The drums are each 380cm in diameter and about 18mts in weight. They are stowed as pairs on 40′ flat-racks and shipped from Haiphong in Vietnam to Ashdod in Israel by Hanjin Logistics using Maersk Lines. Kamor Logistics then provides the local services of clearance, land transport and discharging at the receivers’ premises, to the full satisfaction of all parties involved.

Military Antenna​

Shipping and handling a usd 140 million-worth Military Antenna and its paraphernalia from its Israeli desert storing-site to the delivery points in East Coast India. We’ve successfully handled the shipping process and resolved unforeseen issues and unexpected security and cargo related obstacles along the shipping route.

Jack Rig shipping and assembly at destination​

Shipping and handling modules of a Jack-Up Rig from the UAE to Ashdod and assembling it for the new container terminal construction work conducted there. This operation included, beyond the operational and logistical aspects, the need to overcome vessel-traceability, as carrying vessel had to sail between ports of belligerent countries not usually allowing direct ocean trading between each other, and head-owners required assistance with their paper-trail duties, avoiding likely future hindrance of vessel being arrested or otherwise hassled owing to its call in Israel.

Gas pipe importation handling​

We are often called to handle the shipping of Spanish or Greek made gas pipes, from ‘Free On Board’ at producer’s berth in Bilbao or Thisvi to ‘Free-On-Truck’ at receivers’ yard in Israel. We are regularly managing such endeavors for foreign suppliers of the Israeli National Gas Line company, such as the Spanish STS and the Greek CPW. We provide port handling and trucking services, and at times also furnished the preparation of the reception field-yard and discharging operations.

KOCKS Container Gantry Cranes supplied to Haifa Port​

We managed the end-to-end transportation of 2 new multi-million dollar worth KOCKS Container Gantry Cranes purchased by Haifa Port Company. The Gantry Cranes were carried in pieces from two different European Ports (Gdynia and Split) on our in-chartered vessels, through the Haifa discharging pier to the designated assembly area, under our full management, attendance and control. This project completed to the full satisfaction of all parties and cranes #26 and #27 are in full service in the Carmel Terminal at Haifa Port after being fully commissioned on December 2016.

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